Force One Marketing enable you to create a high performance website
with simple, critical and measurable goals to move forward with your growth strategy.

Developing Performance-Oriented Websites

The following characteristics should have a well-conceived objective: It should be transparent to them. “I want to get 100 unique visitors to my website per day” would be an example.


The targets should be quantifiable, which ensures that the progress can be measured.

Rather than qualitative, SMART targets are quantitative. A qualitative purpose such as “I want my clients to feel good when they come to my website” just won’t cut it.


An actionable purpose is one where you can take action and take steps towards its accomplishment in quantifiable ways.


It is important that your goals are practical and attainable. You will be able to see progress as it happens, even if it happens slower than you want, when a goal is practical and achievable.

When you develop a website plan, the basic priorities can be known by everyone concerned with the project. Without clear and actionable targets, no appraisal can take place, and no one is even sure whether there is any change or return on investment.

The list may provide some simple and precise objectives:

Increase X commodity sales online by 20% over the next month.

Increase visibility of the Y product online during the next quarter to promote 30 percent further in-store sales.

Add 1500 additional subscribers over the next year to the newsletter.

Connect on Facebook with 10 individuals a week.

Increasing brand loyalty on social media by encouraging supporters to give at least 1 positive message


Educating your clients

In the sales process, a well-developed site target will resolve whatever point the prospect is at. Visitors simply searching for knowledge, for example, will be able to answer their questions and will be able to get a sense of the company’s personality.

Providing excellent information and incentives for your goods and services would go a long way to communicating the helpful spirit of your business. Naturally, individuals are drawn to friendly, supportive organizations. It also goes a long way to pre-educating customers so that it becomes easier for the sales workers to operate.
Educating consumers can be a perfect tool to distinguish you from your rivals and reduce resistance to sales. If you have a product that is genuinely unparalleled in your business, it is absolutely important to express that uniqueness clearly.

You need to do something about this right away if there is nothing that separates you from your rivals.

Generate new leads from traffic from search engines
In Internet Marketing, there is nothing better than free traffic drawn to a website by the use of excellent content. It will automatically connect interested eyeballs to your site as Google indexes your site. It will take far less convincing to buy a customer who is drawn to you and who initiates the call.

A word of warning about search engine traffic: You should expect to wait between six and 12 months before you really start getting any results from natural search engine traffic if you are starting a new website. Regardless of consistency, Google appears to prefer older websites that are more mature.

Credibility Building
It’s extremely important to develop credibility. The place for modesty isn’t marketing. You owe it to your clients to show that with text and video testimonials if you have done great work for your clients.

Demonstrating your skills
Talk about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Speak about why the particular items that you market to your clients have been chosen by you. Discuss your individuality. Speak about the years of experience you and your employees possess.

Ray Kroc responded when asked to comment on rivals stealing his inventions, that his company (McDonald’s) could invent faster than his rivals could steal. If you and your organization are genuinely imaginative, your rivals will have a difficult time keeping up with you. Don’t let your paranoia about getting your thoughts stolen stop you from expressing your expertise to your clients clearly.

Having more orders and marketing more products
It’s the prime aim of any website to turn the traffic into sales. It will allow you to further fine-tune the buying experience and eventually contribute to new sales by analyzing your Google analytics and the flow of traffic through your website. Google analytics has gone a long way in offering free resources that can be used by e-commerce store owners to find bottlenecks in their website usability.

Structure & Pages

Web designers don’t always have a website to “plan”. Many websites have a sort of “manifest destiny” concerning their structure. How much planning does a 5-page site require after all? You’ll want to split up the Sharpies and the construction paper if you intend to create anything more complex (20 or more pages)!

Start with identifying the typical and essential parts of your web. Check out the next part of this book that you may have skipped in your brainstorming about page concepts. List the service categories that are offered by your company. You may be able to arrange the content around the key solutions that you provide. You can easily construct a flow chart on either a sheet of paper or a whiteboard to show the pages and how they relate to each other. A large piece of bristol board with its notes on it was recently submitted by one of my clients. Whatever expresses your thoughts the most plainly – it doesn’t need to be high tech.

With 3×5 cards, I’m a huge fan of expression, like the kind of speech we used to give in grade school. On the front of each one, try writing the page names and writing notes on the back.

The Wireframes

Wireframes clearly express the site’s rough layout principles. For every page, the simplest sites would have the same interface. For the front page only, a more complicated page may have a different layout. A simple hierarchy of data will be formed by a good wireframe. Your layout should attempt to group the most significant elements and elements of the call-to-action form on the upper left side of the page where, when a page is read, eye movement begins.

An example of a typical wireframe is here. Artistry is not necessary.

Since wireframes are a condensed representation of your web, instead of getting bogged down with font selection, colors, you can concentrate on usability considerations.

At the beginning of the process, producing a wireframe document would save time, resources, and headaches.


Copywriting and content marketing are also merged in a bid to engage in the confident direction of the consumer towards purchasing. Copywriting tends to focus on the immediate objective of persuading a prospect to take the next move in a particular action, whereas content marketing focuses on the long game of creating a “probable-buyer” who is more sophisticated and informed.