Paid social media is a way to display advertisements or native-looking marketing messages on social media
platforms while targeting very specific demographics, interest groups or sub-audiences. Paid social platforms provide
powerful audience generation tools that can be used to create audiences who resemble established and highly
engaged audiences as well as audiences who have already purchased. Pay-per-click advertising, branded or
influencer-generated content, and display ads are all examples of paid social media.

Audience Building:
Paid social campaigns can be used to drive traffic to email-list building offers or customer list
building loss leaders. Paid social campaigns also naturally lend themselves to follower, connection
and other native lead bucket growth promotions.

Paid social campaigns are ideally designed to build relationships with potential clients. It’s ideal
when developing social content to think of your social feed as a product your company offers. This
will provide you with the drive to make sure it provides real value and represents you brand in a way
that recommends it to your followers. to show ads to or “remarket” to audiences who have visited
your website but may not have taken action on an offer.

Consideration and Evaluation:
Paid social campaigns can be used to advertise lead-capture offers around strategy sessions,
webinars, workshops and comparison sheets or other comparison tools used typically by probable
buyers who are in the EVALUATION stage of the buying process. Determining the comparison
factors so they can effectively evaluate the options available to them, including yours.

Decision, Intent, Purchase:
Some of the fastest transactions can come from a prospect who is close to buying and is urgently seeking a solution. The keyword terms used by probably buyers in this phase are usually more expensive but have the potential to yield the fastest results. Keywords used during this phase are referred to as “buying keywords” and they typically suggest a prospect who is at an advanced stage of their research and is now asking sophisticated questions. Having done the research, buyers at this stage are asking themselves “We’ve decided on the product, what vendor should we be buying it from?


Every Paid Social campaign should be promoting an offer or driving an audience building campaign with a nurturing strategy for making subsequent, relationship-building contact with the prospect.

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