Ashleigh Walker

  • Marketing / Events / Sales
Education / Qualification
  • Hospitality Diploma
Job Title
  • Director of Operations

With over 10 years of sales and events management experience, Ashleigh uses her trademark skills of problem solving, creativity, and flexibility to exceed client’s expectations. She excels at logistics, operations, attention to detail and team work.  With a keen understanding of technical matters, she has the ability to figure out complex systems.  Combining analytical and creative thinking, she sincerely cares about delivering high quality work every stage of a project. 

As project manager, she specializes in customer service that nurtures positive, productive relationships with both clients and suppliers. Ashleigh advances her clients’ mission by making the most of their business experiences, while minimizing cost. Ashleigh brings a broad scope of creative solutions and marketing expertise to any project she takes on. As a creative specialist, her experience in an agency setting ranges from corporate identity to the conceptualization and implementation of national events.

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