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Linkedin and Profile Optimization

Authentic Outreach Strategies
to Build Your Network and attract new business

The social media site for professionals and business people is LinkedIn. LinkedIn demands professional conduct and behavior and your fellow members expect it.

By ‘gaming the system’ or using automation techniques in ways that are strictly prohibited by the LinkedIn terms of service, many media companies aim to generate leads for their consumers. Although this strategy has produced short-term benefits for these businesses, it is not an acceptable tactic for any business that aims to create long-term brand longevity and good will.

  • Here are some of the common violations that can get your account thrown into “LinkedIn Jail”. An exceptionally high amount of the account’s page views.
  • Granted access to your account to another person or business in order to have your LinkedIn account handled by someone else on your behalf.
  • A history of the account’s persistent abusive behaviour
  • They have found that they might have hacked or compromised the account.

You may have content deleted or your account locked, depending on the infringement. In fact, more serious violations will have your account indefinitely restricted.

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“Checking out the profile” of someone who has generated new content, commented or connected is one of the basic behaviors on the LinkedIn network.

A straightforward, relatable message about your value proposition, your story and your professionalism needs to be given by your home page.

Force One will assist you to explain your value proposition so that ideal prospects appreciate your deep understanding of their market issues and how you are ideally placed to assist them.


LinkedIn had over 575+ million users as of April 2020, and more than 260 million active users per month.

An significant part of achieving consistent results in marketing campaigns is being able to target audiences based on particular characteristics. Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator helps you to produce lead lists based on sectors and positions, which is very helpful in most cases. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for fleshing out communication data, organizational structure, and analyzing behavior within groups and certain spaces of thinking for audiences that are not as readily identified by the categories in the LinkedIn ecosystem.

LinkedIn is also a great way to create new spaces for thinking by using groups. A valuable relationship commodity that can cause purposeful inquiry by qualified prospects, leading them back to your profile, website and offers, is the value you bring in a community environment.


LinkedIn is currently used by 26 per cent of B2B decision makers.

Although LinkedIn ads are more costly than Facebook ads or Google Ads, there is a higher potential for using a LinkedIn campaign to generate high-quality B2B leads. It is used by LinkedIn viewers as a place to share ideas related to the development of their network and business interests productively, so they are more naturally focused when offered to a B2B value proposition.

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