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Due Diligence Game Planning

What is Game Planning / Due Diligence Discovery?

Due Diligence Discovery provides you with the information you need to protect your marketing investment from waste
and unnecessary risk.

Due Diligence Discovery will provide you with a map for marketing across the entire buying cycle and engage with
prospects who are ready to buy using meaningful language revealed by a deep understanding of the way they benefit
from your value proposition.


Why is Due Diligence Discovery Important?

Due Diligence Discovery allows you to understand and participate in the prospect’s entire buying process. This in turn allows you to speak the language of your prospect more clearly.

The discovery provides the data you need to control marketing costs and carefully organize your marketing investment and identify underperforming campaigns.

Provides a clear picture of the marketplace game board which can be easily and clearly shared with your team and contractors.

Discovery creates the potential for internal agreement on priority of coherent strategies across the research and buying process of a prospect.

Identify potential channel partners, retailers, buyer personas, verticals, and use-cases. Identify competitive gaps in keywords, ads, and buying cycle offers.

Jaeson helped us make huge leaps in positioning, and benefit focussed marketing to a clearly defined audience.  I have worked with a number of marketing companies and it is safe to say Force 1 will be the only one going forwards.

Jonathan Ladha

President, ClosersCRM

Stages of Due Diligence

  1. Identify your commercial and existential competitors
  2. Analysis of the idea and activity space in the competitive space your products are being marketed in
  3. Propose a comprehensive, market-leading approach to marketing and sales activity based on an aggregation of established and high-performing activity and innovative approaches inspired by the research
  4. Analyze the idea space surrounding the consumption of your class of benefit in the market.  This includes identifying top-pages and post topics which have been created across your market-space and estimating the popularity based on the traffic to those posts..
  5. Organize inbound offers by buying stage and recommend new offers, conversion strategies, nurturing paths, and closing strategies based on the exact part of the buying your prospect is currently in.
  6. Share a 12 month inbound and outbound marketing plan including high-performing high speed-to-lead channels and approaches which are ideal in markets like yours


Due Diligence Datapoints


  • Copywriting Analysis and recommendations
  • Website Positioning and Scoring Analysis
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Main Page Analysis
  • Offer Distribution
  • Risk Reversal Structures
  • Potential watering holes (professional associations, portals, affiliates, influencers)


  • SEO competitive analysis
  • SEO ranking history
  • Keyword research SERP* analysis
  • Keyword research related keywords
  • Content Strategy: Top Pages
  • Content Strategy: Questions
  • Searchers ask in your space
  • SEO: Summary of findings

*Search Engine Results Page



  • Competitor performance comparison
  • Top PPC landing pages in your competitive space
  • PPC keywords research google ads advisor
  • PPC keyword research advertiser history
  • PPC: Summary of findings