The question is, “When is the best time to start marketing content?” “The riddle reminds me: “When is the best time to plant a tree? ”. Since we are too busy right now to improve our website or develop new content, we might reason that it can be deferred until things quiet down. The paradox of that hypothesis is that things in your company will have calmed down because you have reduced your focus on marketing that may have happened in previous months.

When is the best time to put effort into your marketing?

This is well illustrated by one of our clients who in the 4 to 5 months of spring, summer and fall earns 80 percent of their sales. Although in the winter, things slow down and get simpler, they use this opportunity to create a bullpen with stories and material that can be carried out during their peak season when things get wild. They realize that there will be no time to think whatsoever, because at those peak moments, they will have switched into response mode. Without the steady drive to publish saved material, their seasonal company could easily suffer.


Sign up for updates from Google. You will input key phrases relevant to your organization through Google updates or the unique advantage the product provides. Google will then send you email updates at periodic intervals when it considers related during the indexing process. This will assist with the brainstorming of new material you make. It will also allow you to recognize patterns that you may otherwise have overlooked within your field. Check out Google Zeitgeist as well. Google Zeitgeist monitors search traffic and publishes the top online-trending keywords. You should be aware of it and understand why it’s happening if there is anything in there connected to your business.

Catch Ideas as They Happen

Keep a notepad handy which you can use to  scribble down thoughts that could later turn into posts. When you are chatting with them, be sure to listen to how your clients communicate. Be sure to mention the sorts of difficulties and particular pains that they may be feeling. Set aside some time per week, pen in hand, to review trade magazines and other publications so that you can scribble down items that happen to you as you review the content.


Keep an eye on your staff to see if they don’t have any downtime that could be used using the techniques mentioned above to develop ideas. You can find that there are hours of productive work from eager hands that can be untapped. Content development could be just the thing for the right person to throw some extra personal development into their work.


Try to recruit a student to do research and write on your behalf, using a classified ad or a post at the local university or college. This could be done on a contract basis and in your content and blogging effort, it is a perfect way to get quality work done. Be sure to inform them about your focus on your company and the kinds of content you plan to feature.


We can also link you with high-quality writers who can write on your behalf every month, from our own bullpen of talent. To find out what could be done in this respect, be sure and check with us. Well, outside support does not sound like they’re going to do a much better job than if you don’t get anything done at all.

Returning to the riddle posed at the beginning, the best time to plant a tree was 50 years ago. The above tactics will already pull in traffic if you had already begun them. So the second best time for a tree to be planted is today. Get cracking and bring on board your content growth and development train!


Keep you pen and paper (AKA the collective thought notepad) by your sitting room/lounge area.  If you are alone, try turning off any distractions (i.e. TV, phone, radio, etc.) You’d be amazed the kinds of great ideas pop into your head when you let your thoughts wander without competition. Make sure you record all your ideas that come to mind.  Try to keep your notepad close to any location where you usually have these kinds of inspiring “lightning bolts.” Near the sink where you do the dishes or some place where your mind is free to wander when you are busy doing something mindless, outside the bathroom, by your bedside.

Other Reasons To Blog (or at least write regularly)

  1. You’ll ultimately become a better writer. Writing is communication at its heart. In a fascinating way, it is about capturing thoughts. With practice, writing improves. As a blogger, daily blogging will naturally enhance your skills. Consider taking a night class to write once a week to improve the growth of your talents. You would want to communicate with someone who is a good author and have him criticize your work and edit it. Read the stuff out loud. Ensure that what you have written has a natural flow.
  2. A better thinker, you’ll become. Writing is 90% thinking. You are prompted by the writing process to pause and think deeper. Writing helps you to place things into a cohesive context that others will understand.
  3. Blogs can easily be repurposed for other items. You can repurpose your content into other items if you are blogging. You may have some fantastic material stored up when you are called upon to talk at some industry event. You will be able to rely on what you have written on your blog as basic material if you eventually get around to writing the guidebook intended for new clients. It is also possible to build blogs into videos that can be posted on your site or shared via social media.

Get More Blog Content Ideas

An active blog with fresh content can be a great boost to your company’s bottom line. Use these tactics to generate more ideas for the content you publish on your blog.

Book a introductory content development strategy session

  • Find out what your target audience is interested in
  • What blogs and pages in your space are drawing the most trafffic
  • What keywords are easiest to rank with using content strategy and blogging