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Anthony Rossi’s Testimonials

We engaged with Force One Marketing to clean up our first version of our investor deck. They ended up creating a world class pitch deck that led to our success, and turned it around in less than 2 weeks. Highly recommend working with the Force One team for all the design and creative work you require
Lisa Mccormack

CEO & Co-Founder, Northern Green Canada

Anthony on a daily basis demonstrates his desire and passion for the business world, and continually showcases why he continues to be successful in whatever challenges he is faced with. Having worked with Anthony, he is consistently monitoring the success of his team to ensure they are responding to the challenges & obstacles set fourth, but always makes himself available first and foremost when needed for the success of the team. Anthony is very polished and professional in every aspect of being a leader, and it would be my recommendation that he would overachieve in any situation he is faced with. Anthony is a great asset to any development within the business environment.

Colin Price

President of CPRS Executive Recruitment

If you're looking for a full-service marketing consultancy, Force One Marketing are a team of experts focused to make you and your brand succeed. Highly recommend 🙂

Angie Milki

Brand Ambassador , Saks Fifth Avenue

Having worked directly with Anthony I knew I was standing on the shoulder of a giant. His expertise and skills showed me that Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Anthony’s empowerment, inspirational positivity gave me Confidence and enthusiasm. Very few of us are as action-orientated and quick–minded as Anthony. Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. Anthony has set himself on Fire! 

Michael Weir-Gray

Photographer /Creative Director

Anthony Rossi was the National Sales Manager at Direct Energy to whom I reported to directly. The time I spent at Direct Energy was the cornerstone of my sales career due to Anthony’s organized leadership, guidance and teaching skills. As a strong leader, Anthony led our top sales team of over 100 sales associates with dedication to each and every one of us – Providing unmatched motivation on a daily basis to meet and excel our quotas. Unlike other managers, Anthony did not micro-manage and praised individual and creative thought and accomplishment in our daily work environment. Anthony’s leadership equipped me with the invaluable sales and leadership tools I carry with me today in my sales career. If given the opportunity, I would work alongside Anthony once again at any point.
Brenda Masic

Senior Investment Strategist, Direct Energy

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anthony at Force One Marketing. Anthony is an extremely talented individual, his attitude and energy is highly contagious which makes for a great working environment. Anthony possesses deep knowledge and understanding of marketing. I can confidently say that Anthony provided me with ongoing training and development to advance my skills in marketing, sales processes, and the psychology behind it. He is a true leader, highly motivated, and has a winning mindset, which led to his success!
Maryam Bunni

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Anthony and I must say that he is a true inspiration. His ability to navigate sales, provide solutions to organizations and communicate with senior executives are extraordinary. His dedication in being a team player will always be appreciated as I still use his teachings in my career today

Nash Patel

Partner Alliances, Technologist, Enterprise Sales

Anthony’s responsiveness, industry knowledge and honesty have set the bar high. There was not a moment where I did not know what was going on and his advice was spot on. I think the true testament to Anthony’s success is his positive honesty and energy.
Chad Mitchell

Workplace Environment Strategist

I worked with Anthony at Universal Energy for a little while and while I was there Anthony became a Trainer than a Team Leader. Anthony’s goals and aspirations were always high but they were always met. Anthony is a well-rounded person that definitely has a gift for gab which is excellent in the industry that we were in. Anthony has the drive to improve everything he touches, if I had the opportunity to work with him again somewhere in the future I would take full advantage of it because of the knowledge he can provide. 

Jeff Deason

CTIO SAS, Corporate Security at Region of Peel

Great management skills and a great motivational speaker.
Phillip Fontana

Business Development Manager

Anthony was wonderful to work with. His hands-on approach to career coaching, motivational speaking and leadership was second to none. His forward thinking and knowledge of business marketing and branding laid the foundation of how I practice business today.

Mr. Rossi leads by example and many people at Force One Marketing find his self motivating methodology both inspiring and contagious.

Whichever sales realm you draw from, you would be lucky to have Anthony as a manager.

Jason F

Info-Tech Research Group